Saturday, 17 August 2013

9-Year-Old Prodigy Becomes Youngest Microsoft Specialist in the World

A 9-year-old Indian boy has officially become the youngest Microsoft Certified Technology 

Specialist in the world, breaking a record previously held by 12-year-old Dubai-based Babar


Times of India reports that Pranav Kalyan is currently a 4th grade student of Willow 

Elementary School in California and has been writing software programs from the age of 


He passed the exam in ASP.NET Framework 3.5 on January 12, the source adds.

“As a toddler, Pranav was more fascinated by computers than toys. He started writing small 

software programs at the age of six. He is capable of solving problems in differential 

calculus and integral calculus. His efficiency in mathematics helped him write programs,” 

Kalyan, the boy’s father, said in a statement.

Becoming the youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in the world is not an easy 

task. The boy studied for the exam for a total of 18 months, while spending approximately 

eight hours a day working on the computer.

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