Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Who Says You Ain't Pretty...Don't Lose That Confidence

A Teenage girl complained to her grandma at the dinning table. She said: grandma, I'm not pretty, I don't have nice clothes like my friends in school and her grandma said "child, clothes don't make you pretty, they make you BROKE!". Now we live in a world where the minds of the young and innocent(females in particular) are being manipulated to believe in an ILLUSION....a world where TV is REALITY and FACT a FICTION.

The quest to want to really "BELONG" becomes the "real hunger" in the life of a young growing female; and I ask myself, who took away her self-confidence, who taught her the act of inferiority complex and who said she needed artificial eyelashes,expensive designer shoes and a hair extension of 150thousand naira just to look good, huh??!
Young lady, you were made in the image of a beautiful God which by default makes you uniquely beautiful just that you haven't discovered that very special thing about you. It could be your smile, INFECTIOUS. It could be your character, HUMBLE and HOMELY. It could be your eyes, CHARMING, it could be your intelligence or your voice or even the way you walk. If you noticed, all attributes mentioned above, have no materialistic attachments to them, they cannot be bought, they are PRICELESS.

A great philosopher, Francis Bacon said:  "The best part of beauty is that which NO picture can express."
So you see, there is something definitely unique about you, what is it? Don't tell me, tell it to yourself. Do not give room to inferiority complex or timidity or lack of self-confidence rather appreciate the way you have been created:
Walk tall with your head held high, sparkle, glow, shine and be that woman of your dreams.

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  1. ....yea right...ladies of nowadayz are really loosing it big they try to immitate what they c on TV