Monday, 25 November 2013

Money Can't Buy You Love| Euromillion Lottery Win Tears Couple Apart

Money can't buy you love..This saying makes so much sense as British couples David and Angela Dawes have reportedly ended their two-year marriage because of rows on how to spend their Euro million lottery win.

According to Mailone

David and Angela Dawes won a EuroMillions jackpot worth £101million two years ago. But according to members of their family, they are currently living apart – with relatives blaming the split on rows over how to spend the windfall.

Mr Dawes, a former taxi driver is thought to be staying in West London, where he owns a £3.5million flat close to his beloved football team, Chelsea FC.

Mrs Dawes, a former charity worker, is still living in the couple’s luxury home – where she yesterday refused to confirm the split, saying: ‘I don’t know what I am meant to have done, I don’t know why I am in the paper.’
 However Mr Dawes’ sister-in-law Rose Ryan, who is married to David’s older brother Denis, said: ‘Dave has told me they have split up and they are getting a divorce. He told me he has frozen all the money so she can’t get at it.
‘He doesn’t want her to spend it all. He didn’t like the way she was getting through it.’
Another close relative said: ‘They have definitely broken up. It is to do with the money. They have been rowing about how to spend it.
‘Money is the root of all evil – too much money and not enough ways to spend it.’
Mr and Mrs Dawes’ EuroMillions win was the fourth biggest in Britain and made them the 702nd richest couple in the UK. At the time, the win made them more wealthy than David Bowie and celebrity couples such as Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne or Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin.

At the press conference announcing their win, they discussed a shopping list of the cars and mansions they would like to buy, spraying champagne as they looked forward to their new life.
They also promised to give up to 20 friends and relatives £1million each.
Mr Dawes said at the time: ‘We’ve drawn up a list of 15 to 20 people who we’re going to make millionaires.
‘Anyone who has helped us through our lives.’
But that very generosity could have been the root of the couple’s disagreements, according to relatives.

One family member : ‘They gave money to Dave’s mother, his two sisters and even his friend to set up a burger van but they never gave me anything. I am struggling.’

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