Monday, 21 October 2013

MARRIAGE TIPS: The Choice Of A Bride

 The choice of a bride is a serious business. Thus picking the right wife is of utmost importance. With the rising trend in marriage crisis, one has got to be critical in his choice of a bride as there have been numerous cases of infant marriage crashes. Truly the foundation of such a union is built basically on “LUST”.

The choice of a bride goes beyond her beauty, sexual prowess, etc. Too many unions based on the foundation of lust for beauty, lust for sexual prowess and the likes have gone down the drain. It is just too sad that men continue to fall for these mistakes.

In choosing your bride, it is pertinent to understand that the union is a lifelong commitment and requires a great deal of forethought. Marriage is not just about love and bonding with your soul-mate.
As mentioned earlier it is a lifelong commitment that survives on a foundation of positive intent. The decision of choosing your bride cannot be rightly done when you are emotionally love-stricken like a teenage girl. No businessman who wishes to succeed in his business will sign a contract in an emotional state of mind. It takes a rational, clear headed planning and acute thinking to making the right choice.

Guides to choosing the right bride:

  • She must be family oriented

  • She must be a decent girl:
You cannot convert a whore to a responsible wife. The more sexual partners she has had, the more likely the marriage will hit the rock. The ideal wife should be a virgin. If you think you can make good of her…sorry! That is the dumbest of decision. Always go for a good girl. I mean a virgin (or close), family oriented, pleasant, eager to help, a smiler and patient.

  • She must look up to you and respect you:
If she looks down on you, it is a problem. You have got to be a man that she can look upto, admire, love and respect ….Forever.

  • She shouldn’t have children from previous affair

  • She is willing to change herself for you.

In summary your bride should be decent, as decent as you can find , have respect for you and must be family oriented.

Lest I forget, Leave her alone if:
  • She has sex with you on the first date
  • She can get her panty hose off in seconds. It implies she has had lot of practice
  • She is desperate on having a baby to cement the relationship.

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