Friday, 4 October 2013

LAGOS PLANE CRASH: Teju Babyface Tribute To MIC Boss, Tunji Okunsanya (READ)

According to Teju, . Tunji Okunsanya was on the Teju Babyface show a while back. Teju wrote a tribute to the entrepreneur who died in the ill fated Associated airline that crashed yesterday...Tribute so touching...Read below
#tributetoMIC 1 when I tell my driver that Tunji Okusanya of MIC is dead, I envision he will say, 'ah! man daada to ma'n fun mi l'owo yen!'
#tributetoMIC 2 (dat generous man!) I walked into his office to invite him 2 Season2 of our show in 2010. We had never met but he hugged me

#tributetoMIC 3 He told me how he loved our show and how I would go far up the ladder of Success. I discovered that he liked to laugh a lot.

#tributetoMIC 4 on the day of recording, he came to time and when we were done, he shared money around like a politician going to the polls.

#tributetoMIC 5 and so we would become 'friends'. More like Egbon (elder sibling) and aburo (younger sibling).
#tributetoMIC 6 when my father died 2years later and we reeled in pain and confusion, his boys were there in 30mins with MIC's best hearse.

#tributetoMIC 7 without a mention of money, they took my dad to the best morgue around and immediately started making plans for the burial.

#tributetoMIC 8 in his office, he gave me my pick of the best coffins and asked me to bring any amount of money I wished

#tributetoMIC 9 'I could do it for free', he said, 'but I don't want you to bury your father in a coffin that costs you nothing'.

#tributetoMIC 10 on burial day, he personally carried my father's body all the way to our village, Ajaawa, in Oyo State. He spent the night.

#tributetoMIC 11 next morning, he danced in front of the coffin to and from the church and personally laid my dad to rest.

#tributetoMIC 12 he also stayed for the party after, 'spraying' money on us all as we all danced to Shina Peters, trying to bury our sorrow

#tributetoMIC 13 when I returned to thank him in his Lagos office, he was wearing a beautiful pair of slippers. Black and obviously costly

#tributetoMIC 14 'I like your slippers Uncle', I said. He immediately removed them and insisted I must take them there and then!

#tributetoMIC 15 I protested long but he wouldn't budge. If you see me wearing a pair of Italian leather slippers, them are the ones.

#tributetoMIC 16 He explained to me how life was just fleeting and how we should try our best to avoid unhealthy attachment(s) to anything.

#tributetoMIC 17 you see, having buried so many, rich and poor alike, he had a view to life dat was uncommon & probably wholesome in health.

#tributetoMIC 18 he also agreed to come on our show for the 2nd time setting a record as the only Special Guest to have had that honor

#tributetoMIC 19 when it was time to get married, he danced behind me on the engagement day, wearing my colors and yes, sharing money. Again

#tributetoMIC 20 Not minding age, he threw himself prostrate beside me and my friends as we 'begged' for my wife in d tradition of the land.

#tributetoMIC 21 He would call me up every now and again, always chuckling. 'Iyawo mi nko', he would ask? (how is my wife?)

#tributetoMIC 22 He was in d habit of saying to my family, 'I love you guys'. I am not sure I ever said d same to him even though I felt it.

#tributetoMIC 23 and so I woke this rainy day as even the skies mourned and shed tears thinking 'surely if good deeds meant anything...

#tributetoMIC 24 'surely if good deeds mean anything, this was a man who did not deserve to go thus. Surely not in this manner?'

#tributetoMIC 25 But what do I know? I am just another traveller on this parched tract. Your work and Legacy live after you Uncle Tunji.

#tributetoMIC 26 I love and will miss you. In the words of the yoruba people, 'O ye Olorun bi ko ye Eniyan'. (God understands all mystery)

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