Saturday, 12 October 2013

Is He The Marrying Type?

Fred and Cindy enjoyed a rosy relationship for 8 good years. Their relationship began way down their university days. They were head over heels each other and everyone thought it was till eternity.
They both graduated and not even the mandatory One Year NYSC could separate them as they both served their Fatherland in different zones. Fred was posted to the North while Cindy served in one of the secondary school in Ondo state.
These lovebirds were inseparable, the cohesion was just so strong that they became the envy of all as they go to events in matching outfits. Fred and Cindy  brought families together and they were both at liberty to visit themselves without any hassle from their parents.

…cut long story short, Fred got employed in One of the International Oil Companies and once upon a rosy relationship began to hit the rock….too bad
All effort to put Fred to other was futile…yea the money was there…there existed a difference in class as Fred got himself hob-nobbing with the Oil moguls…and he felt his 8 years old “boo of life” as he professed back then was no longer a fit for him….LEVELS DON CHANGE…..

Well this brings me to the subject matter….Is He The Marrying Type?.....Is He The One For Me?
Truth be told, been with your partner for light years is not a guarantee it will lead to marriage and the sooner this is realized, the better because it will definitely prevent lots of confusion and heartaches.

So wished Cindy was observant…but she was blinded by LOVE….which never existed.

Taking you to Mars, Bahamas, lavishing you with all sorts of gifts isn’t yet a guarantee. This shouldn’t make you lose focus. In a relationship you don’t have to be carried away, open up your mind-eyes.
So how can I tell if he is the marrying type?
Well the signs are glaring, it stares at you right in the face and if you sincerely want to see those signs you just have to pull off the scales in your eyes and observe every corner of your relationship- Remember, not just the interesting part you want to see.
If you are such a person that is keen on getting settled at a time appropriate, then you will naturally desire a partner that has similar visions as you when it comes to Love & Relationship. While this is only natural, do not conclude that just because you are involved with him in a serious relationship, then he is going to walk you down the aisle…Hell No!

This is why you must discuss your relationship with him once your relationship reaches a comfortable enough point to talk about marriage.
Truly there are relationships where understanding your partner feels more like a rocket science. If you feel he loves you but you ain’t certain he is ready for marriage, then watch out for the following signs: 

  • He digresses whenever you put up discussions on marriage
  • He doesn’t stimulate you….I mean no chemistry
  • He doesn’t share your values and character
  • He lacks personal responsibility.

If these signals are indicating a red after your evaluations, I will take a giant leap off the relationship if I were you…

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