Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Why He Is Not Ready To Get Married

I have noticed this myself and have heard the sad tales of young single women from all sorts of backgrounds and theological persuasions. I have witnessed the self-indulgent lifestyles of guys who like women and seem to like babies well enough, as long as they belong to someone else. I have watched normal, rational moms turn into Mrs. Okonkwo overnight, sharing their frustrations with the lack of suitable men for their daughters who are prepared for and longing for marriage and children.

It seems to me that there are plenty of things that could cause a young man to be anxious about pleasing a wife, causing him to delay marriage. Below are just some thoughts whirling around my head why men find it difficult to marry.

1) Lack of Finance - it is every man's dream to get settled early if there is a means but due to present harsh economic factors, lack of employment, absence of good paying jobs; an average young man finds it an uphill task taking care of his immediate needs let alone catering for a wife and her obvious needs.

2) Affluence - By this , I mean families that are wealthy always want their children marrying from same class of family. This can be a delay especially when their wards try making choices from lower classes. The impending threats from Mum and dad will only delay an obvious process.

3) Too Choosy - You want the most perfect woman on earth as a wife! This is a fundamental error most people make in their quest for a life Partner. Each one of us have unique character. Riches can take you up but character will certainly take you down. while searching for a woman who is tall, elegant and educated may be every man's dream. Other attributes like skin color, age, size etc are all immaterial and have been reason why men are in an endless quest for a life partner till they are above 45 and still single with imminent grays on their hairs. This is the only time the would want any woman willing to say I do as a wife.

4) Parental Influence - A few parents will let their young man get married with a low income. The fear that his attention will be diverted to this young home with them been left behind uncatered have been reasons for their numerous hostility when they sense him been in a potential relationship

5) Fear of been Controlled - Most men do not want a nagging wife under the same roof with them. Men by nature want to be in charge and this idea have been confusing when they are been put at a check by a potential wife who is constantly on a check of his cell, sms , outgoing and incoming, bank statements etc. This factor causes delay in his making up his mind for the bold step. He rather prefers it while it lasted.

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